Wednesday, 3 March 2010

mocha tutorial: Unlink & RG Warp

mocha tutorial: Unlink & RG Warp on Vimeo.

Today I cover a unique tip to track long camera pans and finish the shot using Red Giant's Warp plug-in for After Effects. Feel free to ask further questions in the comments!

*footage provided by Artbeats.Com


  1. I very like this tutorial, but I have a question.

    How did you make this border-frame picture?
    How did you know exact size of the image?

    Is it possible to extract whole tracked image? Just like from that corner pins, it would be very nice.

  2. I just made a long border image with transparency in photoshop. I guessed the dimensions and the corner pin did the rest to fit it to the sign.

    If you created a mask around the same area, yes that's quite possible. You could either do this in mocha (not the CS4 version) or create a static mask in AE and use the tracking data to have it follow.