Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Giving thanks in Atlanta and other adventures.

This is a completely sane and reasonable drive.
Hi guys! I flew out to Atlanta this week to come to the Atlanta Cutters meeting tonight and visit with some local studios and spread the mocha knowledge. I will be here through Thanksgiving and then I am flitting back across the country... in a car. It should be an adventure. The last time I drove across the country was ten years ago. So, that being said, I'm kindof looking forward to it. It's been so long I hardly remember how grueling that drive is. I'll be passing through Birmingham, Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albequerqe, and Flagstaff on my way home to Los Angeles. I think it can be done in three days...

Anyway, Atlanta's being very good to us; as the film industry, tv, and commercials are all flourishing here. I will be stopping by CNN and Turner, which is always a great crew to visit, and I am visiting with some of the kids from Lanier High School today before the Atlanta Cutters meeting tonight. I always like meeting students, they're so full of enthusiasm. If you're in the area you should really come by, it's the last Atlanta Cutters meeting of the year, so there should be a large turnout. We'll be giving away a copy of mocha Pro and I will be happy to discuss the finer points of mocha Pro and mocha AE with you.

I'm actually from Georgia, so coming back to Atlanta is always a nice treat because I get to see family I don't often see. I will actually get to spend Thanksgiving here with part of my mom's family before I roll out West, Oregon Trail style. How delightful!

In other news, my Southern dialect is back in force, but I'll try to tone it down by the time I record another demo.

If I am passing you by next week on my epic journey, drop me a line, maybe I can fit you in to say "hi"!

See y'all real soon!

Monday, 5 November 2012

New point release, winners, and visits! Oh my!

Hi guys! We have a lof of exciting news for you today! We have a new point release to announce! We have a winner of the Halloween Video contest to announce! And I'll be filling you in on some visits that we will be making around the US and some visits we recently completed.

mocha v3.1 Release

We have lots of new videos for 3.1!
New 3.1 Versions of mocha Pro and mocha AE Improve Lens Distortion Workflow; Adds New Support for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH v7 and HitFilm 2 Ultimate!
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What’s New in mocha Pro v3.1? The development team at Imagineer has invested significant time and resources, working directly with customers, to enhance the mocha Pro workflow, and to ensure it integrates easily with the tools and platforms they use everyday. New features in mocha Pro v3.1 include:

  • Greatly improved Lens Module;
  • Ability to import and use External Distortion Maps in all mocha Pro modules;
  • Ability to export rasterized Distortion Maps for Nuke, Fusion, Flame and more.
  • Support for export to new mocha Lens plug-in for After Effects.
  • 3D Camera export to HitFilm2 from FXhome
  • RED (R3D) file support
  • Export colored roto shapes directly to Nuke and After Effects (or render externally)
  • Seamlessly export Planar Tracking data to Assimilate SCRATCH v7 watch video

We have a winner!

Congratulations to our Halloween Video Contest Winners! We received lots of videos, but these stood out among the crowd. Peter Butler was the lucky winner of a free license of mocha Pro! Please check out these awesome videos from our winner and honorable mentions below!

First Prize: 
final extended03 
by Peter Butler

Honorable Mention #1:
Halloween Ghost Hunt 2012 
by Sparkle VFX Glenn Maguire 

Honorable Mention #2:
"Zombie Test" 
by Jerome Mettling 

Zombie test - After Effects + Mocha from Jerome Mettling on Vimeo.

We've been visiting our users! 

Photo by AEMY
Martin Brennand was in Malaysia at Adobe After Effects Malaysia (AEMY). He was presenting a mocha showcase for Imagineer Systems at Mind Valley, Bangsar, on Oct 30th 2012. AEMY had this to say about Martin's visit: "Congratulations to Alvin Seah for winning a copy of mocha Pro at the AEMY mixer. Thank you to all that made it. Martin Brennand gave an excellent presentation of all the mocha versions, a great piece of software most take for granted..."
Thanks, AEMY!

Imagineer's Ross Shain was with the team from Assimilate in New York City on October 22nd to show how mocha Pro now supports Scratch v7's powerful color and finishing features.

Mary Poplin was in Mountain View visiting the folks at Google (Studio G). They have an amazing video department and were excited to learn more about mocha Pro. Thanks for having us by, guys!

Mary will be in Atlanta November 14th for Walter Biscardi's Atlanta Cutters meeting! It's the final meeting of the year for Atlanta Cutters, so don't miss it. Details below:

  • MEETING DATE: November 14th 
  • MEETING AGENDA: Member and Sponsor Appreciation Night;
  • mocha Pro Demo with Mary Poplin; Small Tree Returns; Yonder Blue Films Aerial Videography, Imagine Products Dan Montgomery, and much much more!
  • Mary Poplin from Imagineer Systems returns with some new mocha Pro sweetness!
  • One of our most popular demos from last year was Mary’s mind blowing tracking demo using the mocha Pro tool.  Such simplicity breeds incredible power.   We’re excited to have our Atlanta native back in town for the final meeting of the year!
If you're in the Atlanta area, drop Mary a line for a demo while she is in town at

Alright guys, that about wraps it up for now. Stay tuned for more!